Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sid's Shenanigans - Motivators and Habits of a Painter

  The other night, I just sat a my computer trying to think of ideas to write for Shenanigans today. I was drawing a blank for most of the night. It seemed like none of my ideas were really good. I got a little frustrated and just put my ear buds in, and listened to Metallica. This song here actually:

  Then I began to write down whatever came to mind, and then it suddenly hit me! Before I listened to Metallica, I didn't have anything to motivate me. I literally sat in a perfectly quiet apartment, and I couldn't focus on anything. However, as soon as I put in those noise makers, I began to feel a lot more comfortable and was able to write stuff down.

  What really motivates people to paint? For me it changes with the day, and what sort of mood I am in. First , example was already given. Music is a real motivator for me to get going on a painting project. I can't stand to have a quiet room. I need some background noise, or something going on.

  Along that theme of having background noise, I also like to have a movie or a TV show going. I grew up on Robotech. I love the show still, and I do watch it from time to time. I just started watching it again recently, and since I have seen it many times, I was able to get a lot of painting done. There is a noticeable difference in my ability to stay focused on a project between when I am watching/listening to something or in a dead quiet room.

  I really enjoy painting, but I do need that little something to keep me going, so I can get my models done.

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  1. +1 to watching a movie or show you've already seen, but love to death. I cant even tell you how many times I've watched Back to the Future or Ghostbusters while painting.