Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sid's Saturday Shenanigans #9 12/10/11

  Welcome back to another episode of shenanigans! At the behest of my fellow authors I have been "persuaded " to make another post. It has been a while since I have last painted and I feel a little rusty, but once school is over I will have more time to paint, and get things done.
I have begun to paint the Magnus battlgroup, and I will not post WIP pics of them, because I want y'all to be surprise when you see the final product of what I will be donating for the Breast Cancer Brawl (snicker snicker). I have been wanting to make my shenanigans more...shenanigany, so I have looked at my previous posts and see what I could do better to make it these posts actually worth reading. After some severe critiquing by yours-truly, I am going to make a few changes in how I post.

   First, I am going to post what paints I used this session to get the look of the model. This will help those that want to use the same colors I did to get the scheme that they want. Second, I am going to list step-by-step what was done to the model mixed with pictures from the model. Just in case someone wanted to copy how I painted the model. I hope that y'all enjoy this new format, and that you will want more shenanigans!

   The guinea pig for this will be my buddy Jason's Mage Hunter Strike Force! I had to think how I was going to paint these guys for the typical angry elf colors. So, I decided to just get as close as I could and go from there. Alright, people let's git-r-dun!