Monday, August 27, 2012

Sid's Return to School...and Shenanigans!

  This week I will be back to school again, and that means I will be on a more routine schedule.  Also, I will be very busy with school work and painting time will dwindle. Even though I am very excited to be back in school and to be closer to getting my degree done, but I love to paint and I still have a lot to do with my current project.

  Speaking of my currently project, I am in the home stretch! I just finished some scouts, Skaldi, Sons of Bragg, and a couple of casters. I will try to get those pics up soon, and tonight I just don't have the energy to post pics and create links. I just want to write tonight, and share some thoughts that I have had.

  I was reading the PP painting forums, and found a little golden nugget of wisdom. I credit this find to Legendaryrat.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Gallery Page is up!

I have the beta for the Gallery page up and running. Go check out what I have so far on the gallery. Please send me some feedback, and I will improve it for a better experience. There is a page link on the left to the gallery page.