Monday, August 27, 2012

Sid's Return to School...and Shenanigans!

  This week I will be back to school again, and that means I will be on a more routine schedule.  Also, I will be very busy with school work and painting time will dwindle. Even though I am very excited to be back in school and to be closer to getting my degree done, but I love to paint and I still have a lot to do with my current project.

  Speaking of my currently project, I am in the home stretch! I just finished some scouts, Skaldi, Sons of Bragg, and a couple of casters. I will try to get those pics up soon, and tonight I just don't have the energy to post pics and create links. I just want to write tonight, and share some thoughts that I have had.

  I was reading the PP painting forums, and found a little golden nugget of wisdom. I credit this find to Legendaryrat.

  It is always a good day when I paint. After I watched Bob teach me wisdom, I realized that I have taken my painting for granted. I haven't enjoyed it as much as I should. I want to be immersed and passionate about my hobby, and want to learn to be a better painter, sculptor, and overall, an artist. It is weird. I am a Computer Engineering major in school, and I want to be a better artist. Two opposite ways of thinking and doing.

  Although my painting is not as superb as others I have seen on the forums, I still enjoy this hobby and want to share what I have done with the community. I love to hear constructive criticism, so that my painting can be improved and so I can provide better quality paint jobs to clients.  This has always been my goal.

   I want to thanks everyone who has taken the time to come and support the Scrum and its authors.  We love this hobby, and we love to give back to the community!


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