Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sid's Shenanigans - 07/07/12

  Oh man! It has been a while since I last wrote for Shenanigans. I have been very busy since my wife has been home, work, and the holiday. Speaking of which, I hope that everyone had a wonderful USA/Canada Day. I enjoyed some fireworks with my wife and her family in Wyoming. Man what a blast (pardon my pun)!

  Anyways, let me go ahead and update you on what projects I am still working on and completed. I have finally set my self down and put up a schedule of what time and how long I would be painting. It's still taking a bit of effort to get in the habit of doing it, but whatever.

  I picked up a commission from Trevor Christensen, and it is a big one! I will be painting a large array of Troll and Minion models in his collection. This is the largest undertaking for me, and I have become very very busy, because of it. Not meaning to say that it's bad, and it is most certainly not. I enjoy a challenge and an opportunity to really test my endurance in painting. Later in the post there will be an example of what I am painting for him.

  So, let me show you what I have done so far!

Project ONE - Winterguard + UA, Kovnik Joe, and some extra.

  This  TTQ (Table Top Quality) project I did for one of our locals here in Logan, Dustin Allen. This is a full set of winterguard plus the UA and Kovnik Joe. There were some extra winterguard beyond the unit limit, because he bought an extra min unit box. I can't remember why, though. Anyway, I painted as close as I could to the 5th Border Legion, and I think it turned out awesome. The flag I did a little different from the normal khador red and gold.  The armor for the UA I did a bronze instead of the pig iron for the rest of the unit, just so I could distinguish the officer.

Project BIG RED ONE - Trolls and Minions Collection

First model - Captain Gunnbjorn

  Don't ask me why I call it the big red one. This is the first model of the commission I decided to paint, and so far I am loving it. Gunnbjorn is one of a few SQ (Studio Quality) models that I will be painting. I wanted to keep the blue uniform from his time in Cygnar. He is not complete yet, but he is almost finished. After Gunnbjorn I will probably move on to a unit to see how I will do with TTQ.

A Previous Project - Kharchev the Terrible

I painted him for a friend of mine, and the model I slightly converted myself. I hated the mudflap skirt you had to glue on him, so I put the two smaller skirt parts on the shoulders to make his jack armor more of a uniform, than just simply jack armor.

Thanks everyone for all the support you have given to We are able to do the things that we do because of you guys. Thank you so much!

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