Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sid's Shenanigans - 5/13/2012

  Well, it is that time again for more of my shenanigans! It is getting close now to Lock and Load, and I am finalizing preparations for the master's tournament. I realized last week, that I won't be able to finish all my models before the event, and that posed a serious problem to my tournament play.

  I needed to have front arcs on all my bases so that there is no question as to where they are on my models. So, I have decided to put off painting the Borka Family Reunion tier list indefinitely (or possibly after Lock and Load), and focus on basing and painting all the bases of my models, so that I am ready for masters.

  I spent most of this morning prepping my trolls, and I felt conflicted as to how well I will be able to paint the rest of the model. Then I thought, that it should be a huge deal, as long as I paint carefully around the feet I will be fine. Anyway, that is all my stress that I am wading through until L&L hits. Now I'll show you what I have completed.

  I have already posted the pictures on my Facebook page, but here I will give a little commentary:

Calandra and Earthborn

  I finished my little gypsy dancer warlock, and I think she turned out awesome. I painted her for the BBF's on They are awesome dudes, and it was a lot of fun to paint and put a little back story to her and the homebrew beast I made to go with her. You will eventually see what I have written once it hits their website.

  I had a couple problems painting the earthborn. I wanted to have it look pretty close to what I did for the mauler, but it didn't turn out as well as I would have liked, but it will do for now. I will go back and fix whatever I didn't like. Overall, he doesn't look all that back. The front arc's color, I noticed, is used by most troll players, so I am going to repaint it to an orange color, which I have an example later.
 Both of them together!
 The Faceoff!
A better view of the Earthborn!

Fennblades Unit Attachment

  I had a conundrum to deal with, when it came to painting the troll skin on a larger scale. I wanted to get them painted faster, but have the same effect. So I did a little experiment with some paints and washes to get the above. I did a base coat of Skorne Red, and then created a wash of Red ink, Sanguine base, and 3-4 parts water.  It turned out pretty nice, and I put the mixture in a little container so that I can use it for all of my trolls. I also used Ember Orange for the front arcs, and I like that a whole lot better than the Trollblood base.

  That is it for this week! I hope to get another post in before Lock and Load, and I am not sure about what I will be posting about for Tenacious Techniques. I'll let you know as soon as I figure that out. 


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