Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sid's Shenanigans! - 02/26/2012

I do apologize for the delay in posting, but much like Goris, Life sometimes take priority. So I want to do a little 'catch-up' with what I had in mind for painting posts.

   First, I want to mention that I loved reading the Vox Populi post on LHR, and seeing those theme forces painted. So, I wanted to get a theme force painted too, even though Vox Populi is over. I will be posting what I have been painting for Borka's Family Reunion theme force. I really love this theme force, and I played it a couple times, and I have loved playing it everytime. It is a blast to play!
  Second, I will still be posting commissioned painting pictures along with my theme force pictures. I will do some commentaries on them of course. These and the them force pictures will be posted every other week, and they will be listed as 'Sid's Shenanigans!'
  On the other weeks I want to do some posts about techniques I have learned, want to learn, and in the process of learning. For some of those who wonder how I paint things, I will post pictures and some step-by-step processes of my techniques; I will also dabble into other techniques and do some research. Then, I will post pictures of my attempts at these techniques.
  Now that I am back in the swing of things with painting posts! Let's begin with the Shenanigans!

Borka's Family Reunion
Preliminary Week
  My collection of models for this list are not quite complete and I hope to get them in the future; For right now, however, I am going to just paint what I have, and once I am done, I 'll get the other models I need and add them to the army. Some of these models are already painted, some partially, some bare metal. 
  I made a trade a while ago with, and this is a special shout out to,  LordPhade in the UK. Without him, I wouldn't have the collection of Troll models that I do right now. I traded most of my Khador for his Trolls. I was a happy man getting those trolls.Anyway, here is my list for Borka's Family Reunion Theme List at 50 pts:

Tier 3 List
Borka Kegslayer +5WB
Max Champions
Max Champions
Boomhowler and Co.
Min KSB w/ UA
SS Chronicler
Champion Hero
Champion Hero(not pictured)
Total points: 48
Max Champions 10
  That's right people I own not 1, not 2, but 3 UNITS OF CHAMPIONS!!!!! Call me crazy, but I think it's awesome to field 15 of these bad boys in a scenario with reinforcements. I also love Boomhowler and his buddies. His was my first mercenary unit I ever owned. Thanks Dallas for the unit! 

  Speaking of which, Boomhowler and his boys are going to be the first unit I am going to tackle for painting. I did paint Boomhowler, but I am not satisfied with what I have done with him. I want to add a tartan pattern to him and his unit, but I don't now what colors I'm going to use. I'll think about it throughout the week, and test out what I want.

  I got Gudrun, because I have heard and read that this guy is really good! Especially, now that he is friendly faction for trolls. It make him that much better. I haven't been able to play him yet, due to not having his mark II card, but I hope to get one soon. He may be target number two on my painting list, because he is bare metal, and I hate having bare models.

There he is in all his drunken glory! Borka, pyg carrier and Mauler!
I may switch out the Mauler for Rok, when he get's released, and that will put me to 50 pts.

BAM! 1 Unit

BAM! 2 Units

BAM! 3 Units

  That is the start of my theme force I want to paint! I have also been commissioned to paint a pair of Kayasy Eliminators, and I will be painting them during the week. Next week, I will dabble into techniques of how to paint Ethereal models. Something I haven't tried yet, but I will try out some ideas I have had to accomplish it.  Until next time!

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