Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sid's Saturday Shenanigans #8 - 11/26/2011

Hello to all the Scrummers out there, and welcome back to another edition of Sid's Saturday Shenanigans. After a long break due to overwhelming school projects and deadlines. Finally, I will be able to make a post on the final product of the Scythean. It looks amazing, and it will look terrifying on the battlefield.
In other news here is what's going on right now, future projects down the road, and also some ideas I have been churning in my head to shake up the Shenanigans. You guys are going to love what I have in mind for future posts.

First of all, the next project that demands my attention is the Magnus pink battlegroup for Breast Cancer Brawl. I have yet to get all the models for it, but there is nothing wrong with getting started right now. After that I have a full unit of Mage Hunter Strike Force and the UA. They will be painted the standard colors of Retribution with a little twist of my own. I am sure that Jason will love this little angry elves once they are done. As for my own models, I have decided to repaint my troll battlegroup and the few other models that I have for them. I was not sufficiently satisfied with the priming job that I did. It wasn't smooth enough to do a quality paint job on them.

I also still have Strakhov to finish, and there is not much left to do for him, and you will soon see pictures of him when he is done. I am very proud of how he turned out, and can't wait to use him on the table.

The Future of Shenanigans
For future posts, I am planning on streaming my painting sessions so you can see what I am painting at that particular moment. I will also be doing commentary on the techniques, that I use to get that top quality paint job. On the stream, you will be able to ask me questions about painting, personal stuff, armies that I play, or whatever strikes your fancy. Please be aware, that this is still in planning, and I need to get all the details flushed out and proper timings for breaks, and when I will be streaming. I hope to get this started sometime next year, when things die down a little after the wedding.

Well, that is it for announcements, let me show you now the final pics of the Scythean! Enjoy!

Legion of Everblight Scythean

As you can see on the large talons, I decided to do a gradual shading from light to dark starting from the point. I thought that this would be a fun idea to make the model 'pop out' a little more. I did a similar thing with the claws on the legs and little arms.

I gave the skin a little more of a red tint, by doing a highlight of skorne red with a dash of sanguine base. I liked it a lot better after the application, and it gives the model much more character.

Thanks for tuning in to this weeks Shenanigans! I am not sure if I will be able to post again for a while, because Finals for school is coming up soon, and the wedding as well, so things are going to be really stressful from here on out until the wedding is done. Take Care, and for Kith and Kriel!

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