Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sid's Saturday Shenanigans #1 ~ 09/03/2011

Hello to all Scrummers out there on the internets! As promised I have brought you the first edition of Sid's Saturday Shenanigans, where I, SlapHappySid, will showcase my own painting projects of your models that you have commissioned me to paint or my own Khador or Trollblood models, that I have neglected to paint in a long time! In this issue I will showcase TheGreatBlah's Trollblood Sluggers and where I am right now in painting this hard hitting unit. I was going to showcase my Man-O-War Shocktroopers, but there was a complication. As I was spraying my shocktroopers with a sealant, the sealant decided to flake onto my models, and even concentrate itself in unwanted places. I was furious! So I apologize for the inconvenience. I will have to go back and see if i can fix this issue, and if not, I will have to strip the paint and start over.

Anyways, enough of the bad news. You guys want to see the good stuff. Now let me present to you the WIP pictures of the Trollblood Sluggers!

Trollblood Sluggers
First, I wanted to get a prototype model, which means for me that I wanted to fully paint one model, so that I had a reference model for the rest of the unit. With that I can look, and see where I missed spots on the other models, and fix those as needed. I decided to try something new this time by not using ink on the skin, and see if I can improve on my skin painting skills with trolls. I felt that the skin turned out beautifully, and I liked it a lot more without it than with.
I first started with Cygnar Blue Base, and did different mixtures of that color with Arcane Blue to highlight it. Once I had that done, I moved on to the more detailed parts such as the bandana and the hair. I started with a sharp orange color to base the hair, and then I mixed in Cygnus Yellow for the highlights. The Bandana started with a Khador Red Base, then highlighted with that color mixed with orange on the edges. Then the protrusions on the shoulders began as Thamar Black then progressed through shades of gray.
I like using yellow for the eyes of the trolls, and I don't know why. It just seems to fit. I ran into a brick wall, however, when I saw a mold line in the face of the model. I thought I could take advantage of that and use that as part of the model, and paint it like scar tissue. I really loved how it turned out. After I was done with all the skin details, I thought I would begin base coating some other areas I wanted to paint next, and That will be my focus in the next edition of S^3.
I am really having fun painting these sluggers, and I can see them turning out really well once I am done with them. Thanks again everyone for all your support, and your comments! Next Saturday I will continue with painting the unit by having the prototype model finished and then moving on to assembly line painting. I am also doing LHR's Paint the Target for this month, and so I wanted to get my Harkevich painted. I will have pictures of him as well. If you want to have your models painted by yours truly, check out our "Sid's Painting Service" Section for pricing information. All prices are negotiable, and if you contact TheGreatBlah by email, then he will get you a great deal! Thanks again everyone, and happy painting!

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